Frequently Asked Questions

Farmers Market Questions

- Where is the DeWitt, Iowa farmers market held?

- It's in Lincoln Park, in downtown DeWitt, Iowa, at the corner of 10th street and 5th Avenue. This is an outdoor event.

- When is the DeWitt, Iowa farmers market held?

-  The farmers market is held every Thursday from 3:30pm-6:30pm, mid May through the end of October. 

- Do you cancel for bad weather?

Yes. The market will be cancelled if there is a severe weather warning during market hours, since this is an outdoor event. All other weather events will be left to the discretion of the market managers. 

- Who are the market managers?

-  Mary Malcom and Brenda Ernzen are the 2024 market managers. Teresa Martens and Andrea O'Hanlon are the 2024 assistant managers.

- How can I host the children's table?

Fill out an application here. Then we will be in touch.

- What payment methods do vendors accept?

Each vendor is different with their payment methods. Many vendors are cash-only, so keep that in mind, however there is an ATM across the street. 

Sponsor Questions

- How do I become a farmers market sponsor?

-  You can fill out the sponsor form here. Thank you!

- What are benefits of being a sponsor?

-  We will place your logo on signage used at the farmers market, and also do social media shout-outs. We may also place your logo on other advertising material.

Vendor Questions

- How do I become a vendor?

Just fill out an application here.

- How much are vendor fees?

Vendor day passes are $10, or a season pass is $80. Seven day passes will equal a season pass.

- How large are vendor spaces? And is anything provided in the space?

Approximately 10'x10'. We do not have access to water or electricity in the park, although there are restrooms nearby. Some vendor spots are shaded, while others are in full sun. We cannot cater to sun/shade requests unfortunately. Please bring a pop-up canopy tent if you would like to be in the shade. Tent legs need to be weighed down (at least 40 lbs per leg). Tables and chairs are not provided. Table coverings are recommended, but not required. All vendor spots are in grassy area, next to sidewalks. 

- What time can I set-up?

Set-up time begins at 1pm or later. Please try to be set-up by 3pm.

- As a vendor, can I accept cash only?

You can accept whatever payment you'd like! Some vendors are cash only, but keep in mind you may lose sales since many people don't carry cash. Venmo is very popular, plus they don't charge fees. Square is great if you'd like to accept credit cards. If you have a smart phone, you can use "Tap to Pay" directly on your phone (no card reader required). Learn more about that here

- How do I become a food/beverage truck vendor?

Just apply here.

- What are the requirements for a food truck vendor?

We require a state of Iowa mobile food vendor license. A City of DeWitt mobile food vendor license is also needed. Please contact us for details.