Annual Meeting Minutes

DeWitt Farmers Market

2023 Annual Meeting Minutes

1.      Call to Order

2.      Roll Call – Attached list of attendees

3.      Appoint Secretary for the 2023 Annual Meeting – Lisa Ricker

4.      Elections

a.      Market Manager – Mary Malcom

b.      Assistant Market Manager – Lisa Ricker

c.       Student Manager – ? FFA to find a new student

d.      Social Media Coordinator – Brenda Ernzen

5.      2022 Market Manager Summary – Teresa Martens – unable to be present

6.      Treasurer’s Report  (attached)

a.       2022 - Mary Malcom

b.      2023 – Mary Malcom

7.       Old Business

Kevin Lake at DeWitt Parks and Recreation has been contacted, and he will approach the board about DeWitt Farmers Market using Lincoln Park.  He expects status quo.

8.  New Business

a.       Dates for 2023 DeWitt Farmers Market – May 18 – October 26. 

b.      Vendor Fee –$70 for season or $10/day. 

c.       Summer Lunch Box Program – their organizational meeting is in 3 weeks

d.  SNAP, WIC, EBT – 3 produce vendors are required for authorized farmers market

e.      Additional Participants

i.                    Food Trucks - yes

ii.                   Children’s Table - yes

iii.                 Free Book program – Lisa Ricker

iv.                 Lucas Sanor Saxophone – Lisa to contact Lucas to schedule a gig.

v.                   Magician - no

f.         Clinton County Fair – July 19-23.  About $100 for 8x10 booth.  “Best of Best” sponsorship is $100. – A decision was made not to attend the fair.

g.      Brenda will make Market Bucks.

h.      DeWitt Chamber – Yes to renewing membership

9.       Remarks for the Good

a.       Please stay for the Organizational Meeting.

10.    Adjournment