Vendor Guidelines

DeWitt Farmers Market 2024           


Contact Information for Market Managers:


           Mary Malcom Brenda Ernzen       

           Cell: 740-707-4631                                          Cell: 563-543-2344 

          Work: 563-503-9447                     



 Teresa Martens Andrea O’Hanlon                                                  

 Cell: 309-912-6217 Cell: 563-210-5146                                    


Market Location: Lincoln Park, Fifth Avenue and Tenth Street, downtown DeWitt, Iowa 


Hours: Thursdays 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. May 16 – October 24, EXCEPT July 4, 2024.


Vendor Fees:    Season Registration: $80

                       Day Registration: $10


We strongly recommend business liability insurance for all vendors. We ask for a file copy showing proof of a vendor’s liability coverage. By signing the vendor registration form, THE VENDOR RELIEVES THE DEWITT FARMERS MARKET ASSOCIATION AND THE CITY OF DEWITT FROM LIABILITY FOR BODILY INJURY, WRONGFUL DEATH AND PROPERTY DAMAGE BY NEGLIGENCE ATTRIBUTED TO THE VENDOR’S PARTICIPATION IN THE MARKET


Acceptable Products:

Homegrown and local fruits, vegetables, honey, plants, flowers, herbs, home-baked and/or home-crafted products. A local product is grown within a 100-mile radius from the market with signage indicating point of origin. A homegrown product is grown only on your ground and should be so labeled. 

Commercial fruits, vegetables, honey, plants, flowers, herbs, and crafted products.  A “commercial product” is grown outside the 100 mile radius and must be clearly marked with point of origin.  

Persons selling non-food items must have an Iowa Sales Tax permit and charge appropriate tax on sales. Vendors are responsible for their own conduct with respect to sales tax.

Visual artists, musical artists, performing artists and community groups are encouraged to join the market.  


Please contact the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) if you have questions about farmers markets and the regulations.  

Produce vendors should be familiar with Farmers Market Nutrition Program.  – click on “Programs” and then “Farmers Market Nutrition Program”.  Guidance on FMNP and SFMNP can be found at

The Iowa Department of Inspections, Appeals & Licensing (DIAL) regulates cottage foods, food licenses, and sales of food at Farmers Markets.

IDALS regulates the sale of pet food. 

The following products may be sold at DeWitt Farmers Market:

1. Whole, uncut fresh fruits and vegetables.  All fruits and vegetables must be stored in clean containers in trucks or on tables protected from excessive exposure to flies, dust or other contamination.  

2. Cottage foods, as defined by and labeled according to Iowa Code. 

Cottage foods include foods that are prepared in a private residence and do not need to be kept hot or cold for safe consumption. Cottage foods may include home-processed and home-canned food (including jams and jellies) IF they comply with all regulations for those foods.  Baked items must be individually wrapped, but not sealed. 

Cottage foods sold at farmers markets must be labeled with: 

Informational guidance on the cottage food industry may be found at

3. Foods that are prepared, packaged, and labeled in a licensed establishment that need to be kept hot or cold for safe consumption (packaged meat, poultry, and dairy products, or packaged soft pies, cheesecakes, or cream-filled pastries 

Food that is prepared in a licensed food establishment or food processing plant must be labeled at a minimum with:

4. Fresh, wholesome shell eggs.

5. Honey (Please note: Products containing honey need to be individually evaluated).

The following products may be sold at DeWitt Farmers Market ONLY WITH appropriate licensing from local, state or federal authorities: 

4.   Wild-harvested mushrooms.

5.  CBD/hemp products.

6.  Animal food/treats.

The following products may not be sold at DeWitt Farmers Market:  

Normal Market Operation:


Begin setting up no later than 1 p.m. on market days. Vendors arriving after 3:30 p.m. may be assigned a stall at the end of the line on 5th Avenue. You may begin vending at 3:30pm. (There is no opening bell or whistle.) Please ask customers to wait until you are fully set up and ready to begin. Vendors having a season registration may reserve a stall at the beginning of the season. Those without a reserved stall should consult with the market manager at the start of the market day about where to set up. If a vendor has a reserved stall, and will not be vending on a market day, we ask that the vendor notify the market manager so that the stall may be assigned to another vendor for that day. Normally we ask the vendors to remain open until the market closes at 6:30 p.m. Circumstances may arise wherein the vendors need to leave before 6:30 (ie. selling out, adverse weather, or a family emergency). In such circumstances please consult with the market manager before closing early. 


The market closes automatically for weather warnings (severe storm, tornado, excessive heat, etc.). The market remains open for weather watches. Vendors are urged to use their own judgment during weather watches.  


Vehicles may be driven onto the grass if sod conditions are not excessively wet or dry. We want to prevent tire ruts on the grass in the park. Consult with the market manager on this matter. Take care to provide weights for canopies to secure them from blowing away. In gusty wind conditions we recommend setting up without a canopy. Be sure to put refuse in trash containers upon leaving. After unloading, please park your vehicle in parking spaces other than those right in front of the market so that shoppers can park near the market.  Grace Lutheran Church has given us permission to park in their lot.


Pricing of products is at the discretion of the vendor. Provide signage to indicate prices to make shopping more convenient for the shopper.  


Smoking is prohibited in the park.